Our production process starts with the best long-fibered Himalayan wool (the finest wool available) – known for its softness, strength, and durability – which we dye in our own facilities using environmentally-friendly, AZO-free Swiss dyes (natural dyes are also available). Our silk is imported from China and we only use 100% cotton for the weft fibers upon which the carpet is woven, using the traditional Tibetan double-knot technique. Each Zemo New York rug is hand knotted in Nepal. Our weavers use a hand weaving technique called Senna, which is a form of Tibetan traditional art. Every step of the process, from sorting, carding, spinning, dyeing, weaving, washing and packaging is hand made in our workshop in Nepal. Rugs may vary slightly due to this process, which means every rug produced is unique.

We employ only the most gifted craftsmen and weavers, who, through their expertise and deep understanding of their ancient craft, are able to translate the digital designs of each of our artists into hand-knotted marvels of great refinement and complexity. Our skilled cutters then finish each carpet by hand, adding detail and definition through selective carving and shearing. Finally, each carpet is carefully washed using the gentlest soaps, in order to preserve not only the natural beauty and softness of the materials but also to prevent any harmful chemicals from polluting our rivers and soil. Designs range between 100 to 200 knots per square inch ensuring not only the greatest strength and durability but also incredibly refined detail in the weaving.

Completion of a rug is subject to size, knot count, and design complexity. It can take 8-20 weeks for each rug to be completed. Zemo New Yorks’s design team can help you create original custom designs to fit your decorating needs. Standard sizes are 6’x9′, 8’x10’, and 9′x12′, but all can be customized to any size. Likewise, each of our designs can be ordered in custom colors.