About the Company

Zemo New York reinvents the area rug by infusing artwork from around the world into the ancient craft of hand-knotting Tibetan rugs. Each limited edition piece delivers its owner an affinity to the rug through its imagery and each touch brings about an awareness of the rug’s world-class quality.

Previously known as Nying Zemo, Zemo New York is based out of New York City with a factory in Kathmandu, Nepal. Zemo New York can modify any design to meet any color or size specification. Zemo New York also creates rugs from customer’s designs as well. We have created rugs for residential properties, hotels, and offices around the world.

The name Zemo means “beautiful” in the Tibetan language and we strive to ensure that each rug lives up to our name.

Zemo New York is also committed to giving back to the communities that help create our magnificently hand-crafted rugs. The company donates to Durga Ghimire’s organization called ABC NEPAL (www.abcnepal.org.np), a social service anti-girl trafficking N.G.O that rescues, shelters and helps to reintegrate trafficked women into society.

We provide our workers with a clean and dignified work environment knowing that the pride they feel for their work will be evident in every step of the production process and will enhance the beauty of each finished rug. Our factory managers in Nepal have decades of experience and ensure the strictest quality control. Our factory is environmentally friendly and eco-efficient. Being in New York and owning the facility in Nepal ensures global standards are met and makes Zemo New York the source for high-end custom Tibetan rugs.

Our factory is GoodWeave certified, guaranteeing that no child labor has gone into the making of our carpets.